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Where the Rope Ends (previously Be like Water), got started after Nichole and Director Baylee Sinner met in yoga teacher training in 2017 in Seattle, Washington. For the past five years, over 50+ professional filmmakers have donated their time and resources in order to help bring this documentary to life. 

Behind the Scenes

In the Media

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Director's Statement

I met Nichole in 2017 in yoga teacher training. At the time, she was in a wheelchair with a metal bar holding her pelvis together. I had signed up for teacher training on a whim to help de-stress from my commercial advertising job and I had no idea it would turn into this 5-year journey. Having such close access to Nichole as the main subject of the film and as a friend has been an honor and privilege.


We have been challenged in so many ways and have learned and grown together, with the themes of the film being the backbone of all of our learning lessons, whether related to the film or not.  It’s my goal to help those universal themes come to life so that viewers can think about how they apply to their own life. She is the perfect person to teach an audience resiliency and not how to overcome challenges, but how to shift the perspective on your own emotions during these challenges in order to give yourself space for healing and understanding. 

- Baylee Sinner, Director