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A long fall that sparked profound thoughts.

Where the Rope Ends

Supporting Search and Rescue & Human Resiliency 


A critical error while rappelling resulted in trauma nurse, Nichole, slipping from a rope 265 feet off the ground, contemplating her final moments. Where the Rope Ends is the story of her surreal fall to earth, the volunteer-led effort to remove her from the canyon, and everything that followed that fateful day.


After surviving the initial impact, Nichole found herself severely injured on a ledge halfway down a waterfall. Nichole's climbing team, who were also trauma nurses, felt helpless as they recognized the severity of the situation without the means to provide medical care. WHERE THE ROPE ENDS replays the heroic rescue performed by a team of highly trained, all-volunteer search and rescue members.


After the accident, Nichole must overcome physical disability, loss of personal identity, financial hardship, alcohol dependence, and more.


Fueled by the love for her daughter and a drive to give back to search and rescue, the film follows Nichole as she establishes a new, more empowered stance in the face of adversity.

A trauma nurse is airlifted to her own hospital after falling 60 feet in a canyon, destroying the life she once knew and uncovering a life-changing perspective.


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