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A long fall that sparked profound thoughts.

Where the Rope Ends

Supporting Search and Rescue & Resiliency 


In her relentless pursuit of happiness, Nichole found herself drawn to the exhilarating realm of canyoneering. Little did she know that this new daring interest would lead to a life-altering 60-foot fall, during which she would catch a glimpse of the happiness she was chasing.


A perilous volunteer search and rescue mission brought Nichole to safety only to face a new set of challenges and severe physical injuries.


Determined to regain her former life, Nichole disregarded her pain and learnings and continued the repetitive cycle of pushing toward a perceived happiness that was always just out of reach. At her lowest point, Nichole was forced to quit pushing against her reality and to sit still and ultimately uncover the secret path to happiness.

Nichole Doane documentary film subject of Where the Rope Ends
A trauma nurse is airlifted to her own hospital after falling 60 feet in a canyon, destroying the life she once knew and uncovering a life-changing perspective.


Our Goals

Our Goals

Promote Resiliency

At least 70% of adults in the US* will experience trauma during their lives. WHERE THE ROPE ENDS recounts Nichole's journey from trauma victim to empowered survivor while providing concrete examples of how to use challenge as a catalyst for growth. 

support SeaRch and rescue

A large portion of Search and Rescue chapters in the United States and beyond are built almost entirely of volunteers. Many assume this is a service paid for by tax dollars, and are unaware of the sacrifice, training, and heroic acts it takes to be come a member of these teams. Where the Rope Ends is partnering with volunteer organizations around the country to use as an awareness, fundraising, and recruitment tool. 

*The National Council for Behavioral Health

Meet the Team

Since 2017, a remarkable group of film professionals in the Seattle area have generously volunteered their time, resources, and talent to bring this film to life. Their hard work and commitment have been instrumental in making this project a reality.

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Check out our YouTube page for more behind-the-scenes content, Q&As and interviews with the team.

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